Vision , Mission & Objectives Of The College



The vision of the College is to develop and motivate the students of higher learning towards becoming a dignified citizen who can significantly contribute to the progress of the mother nation. We visualize to provide students of rural as well as urban background an environment of equal opportunity in education and in the development of personality and leadership quality to walk together in the mainstream of the nation.  


  • The mission of the College is to: 
  • To provide an exemplary environment, infrastructure and ambiance to higher learning. 
  • To provide instruction and training in the desired course of the university catering the quality of potentiality and professionalism in career in this highly competitive age.
  • To provide an opportunity of all-round development empowering them values of social, cultural, economic and environmental prosperity.
  • To guide the learners towards being an intellectual property of the society.    

  • To provide students quality degree   education in Arts, Science, Commerce and applied subjects as facilitated by the university. 
  • To provide students relevant knowledge in innovation and creativity along with the normal curriculum.
  • To provide effective resource management for the development of education and training as required by the students and institution. 
  • To make them understand the facts of life and promote positive attitude in daily activities through education.
  • To guide them to employment and earn livelihood in the desirable environment.


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